Bulgaria’s EEFIG National Process was launched in April 2016 as a result of the coordination work with energy efficiency finance experts and local partner Econoler with input from the State’s EE Fund. Lasting 4 months, the innovative process brought together stakeholders from different backgrounds (64% financial sector), and facilitated the exchange of ideas and perspectives through the use of a “common language” which was able to frame the present market in Bulgaria and compare it with other EU countries using the same terms.

By offering all stakeholders the opportunity to present their views in an expert and informal discussion on the major drivers for growth in EE finance and the barriers that prevent the market from growing, the Bulgaria EEFIG National Process enhanced the common understanding of the impediments and opportunities for scaling up EE investments in the building sector.

Click the following links to download the Description of the Process, the Value Delivered during the Process and the Final Report for Bulgaria. Please review all the results in the interactive data analysis window below:

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