Launched in early September 2015, with the support of local partner Vesta Conseil&Finance, the French EEFIG National Process lasted 4 months and provided a strong platform for engagement, bringing together experts and decision-makers from multiple regions representing key market stakeholders. The process harnessed the valuable dialogue on energy efficiency and its areas for improvement such as the level of quality and performance of energy related renovations as well as the long term financing instruments required to deliver the works.

In France, the implementation of the EEFIG National Process helped clearly define, using EEFIG definitions, and assess the practical and local issues. In the context of relevant national case studies and approaches, the process also helped highlight the differences between supply and demand drivers for energy efficiency retrofits, and identify the necessary tools to expand EE in the residential sector.

Click the following links to download the Description of the Process, the Value Delivered during the Process and the Final Report for France. Please review all the results in the interactive data analysis window below:

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