Targeting leading energy efficiency experts and financial institutions and building on the work of local partner DENEFF, Germany’s EEFIG National Process was launched in late November 2015. Lasting 4 months, the process collected valuable inputs from over 100 participants belonging to key sectors (30% financial sector), opening the space for the discussion and the exchange of information regarding investments in energy efficiency and establishing a dialogue which revealed precise sector needs and the best approaches to address them.

The Germany EEFIG National Process was instrumental for its experts to jointly examine and debate drivers and barriers separately from both the demand and supply sides of finance for energy efficiency investments. In addition, it allowed for the comparison of results from different countries using the same methodology and provided a clear set of conclusions and proposed actions.

Click the following links to download the Description of the Process, the Value Delivered during the Process and the Final Report for Germany. Please review all the results in the interactive data analysis window below:

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