Poland’s EEFIG National Process was launched in October 2015 with the support of local partner Institute of Environmental Economics. Over the next 4 months experts from different backgrounds came together (through a series of meetings, discussion panels, and an online survey) and started a dialogue where the elements inherent to energy efficiency investments and their particular characteristics where analyzed from a wide range of perspectives to then engage in a collaborative effort to develop a valuable insights to drive EE investments in the country.

In Poland, the EEFIG National Process resulted in an unprecedented degree of synergy among experts (who had not previously worked together) which allowed them to identify and dissect those demand side resources, regulatory elements, and instruments deemed critical to promote the financing of energy efficiency.

Click the following links to download the Description of the Process, the Value Delivered during the Process and the Final Report for Poland. Please review all the results in the interactive data analysis window below:

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